kim-api  2.1.4-git+v2.1.3-git-3-g4c859c7f.GNU
An Application Programming Interface (API) for the Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models (KIM).
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kim_sem_ver_module.f90 File Reference

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module  kim_sem_ver_module
 Contains routines related to the KIM API Semantic Version.


recursive subroutine, public kim_sem_ver_module::kim_get_sem_ver (version)
 Get the KIM API complete Semantic Version string. More...
recursive subroutine, public kim_sem_ver_module::kim_is_less_than (lhs, rhs, is_less_than, ierr)
 Compare two Semantic Version strings. More...
recursive subroutine, public kim_sem_ver_module::kim_parse_sem_ver (version, major, minor, patch, prerelease, build_metadata, ierr)
 Parse Semantic Version string into its six components. More...