kim-api  2.1.3+v2.1.3.GNU
An Application Programming Interface (API) for the Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models (KIM).
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KIM_ComputeCallbackName.hpp File Reference
#include <string>
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class  KIM::ComputeCallbackName
 An Extensible Enumeration for the ComputeCallbackName's supported by the KIM API. More...
struct  KIM::COMPUTE_CALLBACK_NAME::Comparator
 Structure provided for use with std::map. More...


 Contains the enumeration constants and the discovery routines for the ComputeCallbackName Extensible Enumeration.


void KIM::COMPUTE_CALLBACK_NAME::GetNumberOfComputeCallbackNames (int *const numberOfComputeCallbackNames)
 Get the number of standard ComputeCallbackName's defined by the KIM API. More...
int KIM::COMPUTE_CALLBACK_NAME::GetComputeCallbackName (int const index, ComputeCallbackName *const computeCallbackName)
 Get the identity of each defined standard ComputeCallbackName. More...


ComputeCallbackName const KIM::COMPUTE_CALLBACK_NAME::GetNeighborList
 The standard GetNeighborList callback. More...
ComputeCallbackName const KIM::COMPUTE_CALLBACK_NAME::ProcessDEDrTerm
 The standard ProcessDEDrTerm callback. More...
ComputeCallbackName const KIM::COMPUTE_CALLBACK_NAME::ProcessD2EDr2Term
 The standard ProcessD2EDr2Term callback. More...